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Check it out, buddy! It's yet another vain attempt by me to pump this little webcomic "Mass Production" a little higher in the Google ranks. I mean, since Google kicks so much butt (as of this writing) why shouldn't we try to curry favor with them?

When you think of Mass Production, the first thing that usually springs to mind is the Industrial Revolution. That is either very good or very bad, depending on your perspective. On one hand, $60 VCRs are really cool. But what do you think the chances are that you'll be using the computer you're at right now in three years? (Disregard that question if you're currently at work...) They have to go somewhere, and have too many icky things inside to safely dispose of. Not like salamanders, but heavy metals. And not like the cartoon Heavy Metal. Or the magazine.

Is Mass Production the death of the human race? Read my webcomic and find out. This one has a little more sex and controversy than my other webcomic Spare Change, but not too much sex. Not much sex in the clip art. At least the clip art I've found.

P. Warren Lawrence. Or Phil Lawrence. Take what fits. Whatever. I'm still alive, to those who thought or hoped different. So there, buddy. Enjoy your Mass Produced Klondike bars from your air-conditioned coffee houses as you complain that cell phone towers don't belong in your neighborhood, but also whine that you can't get a good signal at home. Booyah.